Brian from Calgary, Alberta

I have been working with Cathy for over 3 years. When I was first diagnosed with hemochromatosis and shortly after with a hyperthyroid, Cathy took the time to work with me on a plan. We started with a complete cleanse and to repair the damage. With Cathy’s support and guidance I now live a healthier lifestyle. I completed an initial 7 day cleanse and started on a life plan of eating right, exercise, and enjoying life.

Cathy has been with me every step of the way, I continue to run the occasional half marathon and many 10km races each year. I would not have been able to do it without Cathy and her plan to restore my energy and health.

Thanks for helping to keep me going!

Tina from Newfoundland, Canada

"I had two back surgeries, gained a ton of weight, managing a diagnosis of colitis, becoming dependent on my pain medication, had terrible eating habits, was perimenopausal, and just an overall miserable person to live with.  I clearly wasn't managing well on my own and realized I needed to do something to improve my mental and physical wellness before it was too late.   I had tried so many other fads, cleanses, diets...never finished any of them.  I never ever thought I would be an individual who would buy into one of these 'holistic nutritional programs'.  They seemed like a ton of work and of course I had no time for any of it....I was SOOO wrong.  Cathy's knowledge, support, attention to detail and encouragement was more than I would have ever imagined.  From the menus, shopping lists, recipes, bi-weekly check ins and overall information regarding my personal health she made it impossible to not be successful, if you are a person that is ready to make change.  I am proud to say I lost 18 lbs, have changed my entire lifestyle as it relates to sleep, exercise and nutrition and have not resorted to pain medication in over 12 weeks. And most important,  I had FUN doing it and my whole family has benefited from this journey!  Thank you Cathy for helping me to feel whole again!  :) " 

Alicia From Allen, Texas

I have worked with Cathy for the last 3 months focusing mainly on healing my gut.  Since the birth of my son over 20 years ago I have suffered from IBS .  Since the onset of it, I have taken daily medication to mask the symptoms.  With Cathy's help I have decreased the medication to only taking it once a week.  Cathy was amazing at doing a ton of research to find the best foods, supplements, and dietary habits to help my gut heal.  She was always available for advice or questions which was comforting. My stomach issues were not something I was ever really comfortable speaking about, but Cathy was very easy to open up to which I feel is what helped us figure out what worked best for me.  I would recommend Cathy to anyone!

Susan From Ontario, Canada

It's the end of my 7-Day Hormone Reboot program, and I feel as sleek as a cat. My sleep is better, and my health is much improved. Being accountable to Cathy, someone I know and trust, made this process easier. She is full of great knowledge, and she offered terrific support.

Nadine From Allen, Texas

I just completed a 7 day hormone cleanse with Cathy and I have to say, I feel great! I completely trust Cathy with her knowledge about nutrition and the impact food has on our systems. She introduced key foods that helped my body reset itself to optimal state. I'm so excited to take the next step with healing my gut. Cathy's knowledge is amazing. She's the real deal!! Thank you for helping me and my body, Cathy Falk!

Jodi From Calgary, Canada

I really appreciate your practical advice on targeted nutrition for me and my family.  You really took the time to understand and assess my overall health as well as lifestyle to focus a nutrition and lifestyle plan that was easy to understand, and specific to follow.  Your curiosity about small things going on, and ability to target them with simple solutions made the plan very real and practical.  It has made a difference!

Carol From Wylie, Texas

I started a life change with regular exercise and healthy nutrition from a totally sedentary lifestyle one month ago. It kind of feels like a toddler learning to walk. Wobbly and grasping for something to hold on to.

I'm SO very thankful to my workout trainer, Laura Zengerle Huddleston & my nutritionist, Cathy Falk who are very encouraging and are walking with me step-by-step! They are making the changes manageable instead of overwhelming and intimidating! I love and appreciate these ladies so much!

Slow and steady wins the race. I have to remind myself that it's a marathon, not a sprint. I'm excited for the day that I will be able to confidently run well with my health and nutrition!

Kerri From Allen, Texas

I'd like to recommend Cathy if you are looking for a nutritionist to help with a healthier lifestyle and weight loss journey. She's helped me over the past 3 months change my thinking about whole natural foods. I've never shopped in Sprouts or Whole Foods until working with Cathy. I've tried foods that I've never eaten before and have even changed my opinions on some foods I thought I hated. I have a very busy life and have multiple health issues and Cathy works with me to accommodate those. I've been a yo-yo dieter using fad diets and this is the first time I've tried to do it on my own. I still have a long way to go, but Cathy is definitely helping me on this journey! Thanks Cathy

Kristen From Allen, Texas

Just finished a 7-Day Hormone Reboot with Cathy and I highly recommend it! I feel better, understand the way different foods help and hinder my system AND I lost 5 pounds. Cathy was very supportive and helped me figure it out and stay focused. There are definitely a few strange combinations of food, but keep and open mind. Some of the things I was most skeptical about turned out to be pretty tasty and provide results too!

Debbie From Allen, Texas

Cathy has provided me the much needed “tough love” and support regarding my nutrition to make me fully understand what healthy natural foods truly are.  It has been shocking to recognize how unhealthy my diet was.  I am starting to learn how to be mindful to listen to my body and recognize my negative triggers and stop eating when I am actually full.   I really appreciate Cathy’s holistic approach to review my physical medical history, emotional history and my behavioral history with food.  She has been awesome to offer a multitude of suggestions to guide me with my evolution to living a healthier lifestyle.   I have lost 42 pounds in 6 months.

Laura From Allen, Texas

Cathy's knowledge of nutrition, combined with her compassionate approach to helping me change long-time eating habits, is exceptional. She looks at things from a holistic perspective and understands that the complexities of life add to the challenges of doing the right thing. Cathy backs up her recommendations with documentation, as she did when she helped me change my son's diet to address what his preschool teachers were calling ADD. I'm grateful to Cathy for her guidance and long term support.

Kimberly From Allen, Texas

I recently completed a 7 day Healthy Hormone program with Cathy and felt so good that I’m intrigued to learn more. I’m sleeping better and I have a stable energy all day! The plan introduced me to so many new ingredients. It feels so good to be going into the holiday season feeling light and healthy!

Robyn From Allen, Texas

Cathy is so knowledgeable and willing to work with your lifestyle. I just finished the 7 Day Hormone Reset Diet and I am so happy with the results. I have more stable energy, improved sleep and mood.

Maria From Ontario, Canada

What I appreciated most about my experience working with Cathy Falk was the thorough questionnaire and needs analysis.  It provided a lot of  “ah ha” moments.   I was also very impressed by the detailed follow up information I received from Cathy.  She provided me with specific actionable items that I could incorporate into my regular routine, to improve my eating habits and ultimately my health.  I didn’t have to turn my world upside down to make the changes, so I have been able to maintain them!  In particular I had a concern about having a yellowish color on my eye lids.  I had been to my family doctor about it on two occasions and he just reassured me that there was nothing wrong.  Cathy didn’t discount my concern and she researched the issue, comparing what she found with the background information she had on me….what I eat, my lifestyle, the supplements I take etc… and she provided me with a well-researched logical response to my question.  It was a result of the combination of supplements I was taking and she helped me resolve the issue.  I would recommend Cathy to anyone who is conscientious about their eating habits and overall health and wellbeing.  Time well spent and sustainable results.