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I’m willing to bet that you and I have a lot in common…


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Let me start by saying this: I have a strong desire to be healthy and to live my life holistically. Pretty sure you do too even if you might not really know what that means yet so let me explain...


Holistic =  Encompassing the whole of a thing (not just the part).  


In my years of figuring out my own health issues, I’ve come to realize that my whole body-mind works together and all body systems are intimately interconnected. Over time, I have been able to accept that my body, mind and spirit are all connected to each other and to truly take care of myself, means nourishing all parts.

Healthy Hormones for Women

6 Week Program

Get your happy healthy hormones back!

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I'm so happy to see you here.

Have you experienced unexplained weight gain, inability to lose weight, acne, low libido, brain fog, lack of energy, low thyroid, PMS, depression, anxiety, night sweats or joint pain?


If you answered yes to any of these then it could well be you are suffering from hormonal imbalances.  Hormones are not just reproductive hormones but include major hormone players like the adrenals, liver, thyroid, pancreas and digestive hormones. They are all intricately linked so if you have an imbalance in one, it can affect all of your hormone systems.


During this 6 week online program,  we will dive into the root causes of hormonal imbalances and I will explain what is happening to your body and share foods with you that will support these hormone systems.

Jump on over to my Healthy Hormones page to find out if this is the right program for you.

Here’s to a happy, healthier 2019!


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Are you ready to make some changes to your health and lifestyle but still not really sure about where to start or how I can help you? Do you want to learn a little more about me and holistic nutrition before committing? I think that's a great idea!

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Kristen, Allen

Just finished a 7-Day Hormone Reboot with Cathy and I highly recommend it! I feel better, understand the way different foods help and hinder my system AND I lost 5 pounds. Cathy was very supportive and helped me figure it out and stay focused.

Susan, Toronto 

It's the end of my 7-Day Hormone Reboot program, and I feel as sleek as a cat. My sleep is better, and my health is much improved. Being accountable to Cathy, someone I know and trust, made this process easier. She is full of great knowledge, and she offered terrific support.

Jodi, Calgary

I really appreciate your practical advice on targeted nutrition for me and my family.  You really took the time to understand and assess my overall health as well as lifestyle to focus a nutrition and lifestyle plan that was easy to understand, and specific to follow. 

Robyn, Allen

Cathy is so knowledgeable and willing to work with your lifestyle. I just finished the 7 Day Hormone Reset Diet and I am so happy with the results. I have more stable energy, improved sleep and mood.


Certifications That Matter 

Healthy eating has always been an important part of my life so I wanted to find a way to share my passion with others.  I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2012, Mind Calm Academy in 2015 and am a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.   I have spent the past 6 years working with clients to achieve their health goals which been some of the most rewarding years of my life.