Great to see you here!


I’m willing to bet that you and I have a lot in common…


How do I know? Because you found me and my website!


Let me start by saying this: I have a strong desire to be healthy and to live my life holistically. Pretty sure you do too even if you might not really know what that means yet so let me explain...


Holistic =  Encompassing the whole of a thing (not just the part).  


In my years of figuring out my own health issues, I’ve come to realize that my whole body-mind works together and all body systems are intimately interconnected. Over time, I have been able to accept that my body, mind and spirit are all connected to each other and to truly take care of myself, means nourishing all parts.


I didn’t always think this way and if you look around, our medical system doesn’t really either. I spent years going to doctors looking for a quick fix when I was feeling tired all the time, couldn’t lose weight (and even kept gaining despite my efforts), had pain in my joints, adult acne, and I just knew instinctively that my hormones must be out of balance.


Eventually, I realized that I wanted to do more than just cover up my symptoms; I’d been doing that for too long. I wanted to go deeper and really help myself to discover the root-cause reason for everything that was happening inside of me.


Once I was able to figure out my own story it became clear to me that what I had learned might help hundreds, if not thousands, of others.

And yes, that’s where you come in!


In 2012 I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. During my training I learned that not everyone can follow the FDA food pyramid and feel well. Our bodies are all unique and react differently; our approach to food needs to take that into account.  What is one person’s food is another person’s poison.


Through changing my diet and incorporating a whole-foods approach to eating I have improved my overall health and noticed many of my symptoms have improved. I no longer have acne for the first time in my life (yay!), I have less PMS (for which my husband is grateful), I rarely suffer from allergies anymore and I have less pain in my joints.You get the picture, I’m sure!  


Basically, I have learned first-hand that the food I eat affects how I feel overall.  I have come to listen to my body and I know what it likes and doesn’t like.  I’m definitely not perfect when it comes to my nutrition and I certainly don’t expect my clients to be either. After all, we’re human and life is to be enjoyed, right?


My passion is therefore to help my clients live the life they love through incorporating healthy eating into their daily routine.  I know it can be tough to change the way you have always eaten, especially if you have a family who resists it.  I’m here to help you incorporate simple, healthy eating strategies into your daily life to support your health. I can’t diagnose or treat medical conditions but I can work with you to make changes to your nutrition that can support and help rebalance your body systems for better overall health.


In working with clients I have also learned to recognize that stress is a major factor in dis-ease. The higher the stress, the greater the chance of weight gain, heart disease, IBS, thyroid issues and unbalanced hormones. This is why I’ve chosen to incorporate the Mind Calm Meditation method into my client meetings because I believe the mind is an important part of our overall health and I want to help you realize that too.